Maras Salt Grinder 100g

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100% Natural Salt Maras with grinder

Coarse Maras Salt

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100g Inca Pink Salt Mill, directly from the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
The purest and most complete mineral salt.

Contains 84 minerals and trace elements,
Including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and enough iodine (3.5mg / 100g).

✔ delicious taste
✔ less sodium
✔ natural salt extraction process
✔ from a clean old ocean
✔ hand harvested
✔ 100% honest

Fair trade
The many salt ponds are owned by many families in the region, as the salt is an important source of income for these people. We import the Inca salt directly from the locals in Peru for a fair price, so the local people in Peru benefits from the sales of Inca salt.

The best cooks and food experts recommend the Inca salt. It is one of the best salt of the world!

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