Himalaya Salt Licking for Animals 1kg to 2kg

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100% Pure Himalayan block for animals

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100% Pure Himalayan Salt Block for animals

Types of use: Use for animals

Age Range (Description) All Life Stages

Strengthens the immune system and also physical strength in animals. Provide necessary minerals for increased metabolism. It helps increase hemoglobin to increase mineral absorption in the body. It helps increase fertility in cows and also increases their milk production abilities.

The salt also encourages the animals to drink which can help prevent digestion problems. Our salt licks are safe for all wildlife: horses, cows, sheep, goats, deer, cattle, llamas, caribou, elk, etc. We even recommend salt licks for house pets such as dogs and ferrets.
Himalayan salt for horses, goats, sheep and other farm animals delivers a long list of naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to your animal’s diet in a safe all natural rock salt block
Himalayan salt is now used at tens of thousands of horse stables and farms across the World. Himalayan salt has become very popular for those care about the holistic health and wellbeing of their horses and other stable and farm animals
100% Natural Himalayan Pure Pink Salt for Animals

Comes with rope for hanging – no need for metal holders. Weather resistant, biting approved, our natural salt blocks last 6 times longer than pressed salt licks.


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